Marbella Rugby on the Rise




Admitted, rugby is not a sport immediately associated with Marbella – in fact, it comes after sports such as golf, tennis, paddle tennis, water sports, mountaineering and football in these parts, but that is not to say it isn’t thriving.

The Marbella Rugby Club is on a high with a growing number of players, teams, followers and lively atmosphere at its ambient facilities in Río Real, just east of Marbella town. Here you will find highly motivated players, coaches, support personnel and of course wildly enthusiastic family and friends attending. The first team of the Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club, as it is officially called, plays in the Spanish second division, but it is the influx of young players that is especially swelling the team and pointing to a promising future for the club and rugby in Marbella.

Already some players have gone on to a promising career, and it seems this number will grow. They come from Marbella’s cosmopolitan population, with Spanish, European and South American players most prominent, and reflect the rising tide of the game in the country, where the number of registered players is 50,000 and rising. The Spanish league is also on the up, with 26,500 people watching the cup final in Valladolid last season, and Spain rising through the ranks in Europe’s second tier behind the famous Six Nations competition.

Who knows, maybe one day Spain could even help expand the Six Nations further, but for now one of the big highlights is the fact that Alhambra Nievas, a young Granada-born telecommunications engineer now living in Málaga, has been named the Best Referee in the World at the World Rugby Awards 2016.

It is all the more remarkable since she is both Spanish and a woman, enabling the former Málaga University and Spain player to set not one but two new records. She is a lady of firsts, as she not only referees matches in international women’s rugby but became the first woman to lead a male international – the match between the US and Tonga. It’s a rare honour indeed, and an encouragement for women in rugby and the game in Spain all at the same time, proving that this is a country on the rise in the sport.

This is especially true of Marbella rugby, which has excellent playing conditions, great team spirit and a lively social atmosphere where Spanish, British and other expat communities come together in a lovely Río Real setting. If you would like to know more about rugby in Marbella, contact the Trocadero Marbella Rugby Club, and if you would like to know more about the best new properties in Marbella, please get in touch with us at Altavista Property. We’re a company with roots in the area and form part of our community so we can inform you about the best areas to suit your lifestyle as well as show you the finest modern properties in Marbella.

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Tax Breaks In 2017 for Marbella Property Owners



It is always pleasant to be the bringer of good news and at Altavista Property we were delighted to learn about the planned tax breaks for Marbella property owners, which we’d like to share with you.


Some of you will be aware that in early 2016 the Marbella Town hall scrapped the local development plan passed in 2010 (PGOU), and since then it has been working on creating a new one. In line with this, the Town Hall has announced a plan to return properties to the rateable values established in the PGOU of 1986. This follows months of working with the Cadastral Office, which is the equivalent of a land registry, to review values, and it hopes to have completed the process by March 2017 in time for implementation in the 2017 tax year.


The IBI tax on property (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) is based on the rateable value of a property and it has an effect on other taxes, such as capital gains and the tax buyers/sellers pay when a property is sold or transferred to another person. Opponents to the incumbent Marbella Town Hall had criticised what it believed was improper charges for this tax and claimed that Marbella tax payers were being overcharged by millions of euros. Setting aside the political debate, it is a move that is certainly welcome.


The key issue at stake was the assertion that many properties classified in the 2010 PGOU as being on ‘building land’ were originally classified as being on ‘non-building land’ in 1986. The reason that the changes were not implemented immediately after the annulment of the PGOU 2010, is, as Marbella Town Hall has publicly explained, due to the fact that there was “physically not enough time to carry it out,” because the PGOU was only scrapped 15 days before the deadline for changes imposed by the Cadastral Office.


We do not know as yet exactly which properties will benefit from these changes and we would suggest, based on information from Marbella Town Hall, that any specific quantification of tax savings is based on hearsay, since the Cadastral Office has not yet set the values. We will keep you informed once we hear more definite news, but in the meantime it seems that this is the kind of good news Marbella’s property owners would like to hear as they go into 2017.

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Have a Merry Marbella Christmas!

Marbella christmas altavistaproperty

We know Marbella is one of Europe’s favourite spots in summer, but did you realise that it’s also a great place to spend the winter months? And why not, the weather is mild, mostly sunny, making it possible to go for long walks, enjoy coffee or lunch on a terrace and watch those spectacular sunsets that occur this time of year.

Marbella is also a shopping destination in its own right, with a rich choice of top brand outlets in the Puerto Banús marina, along the main avenue in the town centre, at the grand El Corte Inglés department store and the La Cañada shopping mall. The district most likely to get you in the Christmas mood, however, is Marbella’s lovely Old Town district, where roast chestnuts, hot chocolate and decorative lights add to the charm of a part of town dominated by cobbled streets, little squares and a plethora of cafés, tapas bars, restaurants and boutique style shops that offer many an ideal seasonal gift.

In addition, snooping around for an inspired gift at the region’s Christmas fairs is another pastime in the run-up to Christmas, and many offer entertainment, freshly made snacks, mulled wine and lots of atmosphere to make you glow with seasonal cheer. Below is a summary of some of the main events on along the Costa del Sol this festive season.

November 24 – Switching on of the Christmas lights in Marbella’s town centre, accompanied by a series of festive events

December 10 – Christmas concert at the Teatro Ciudad de Marbella (free of charge)

December 16 – Swans School Christmas Fayre

December 24 – On the continent the main celebration is on Christmas Eve, so why not join in at one of the many cosy restaurants and bars, and follow it up with a family lunch on the 25th?

December 31 – There are many opportunities to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Marbella: book a festive dinner, meet up with friends in a bar and indulge in traditional Spanish grapes or see the New Year in at a nightclub

January 5 – Three Kings Day parade in Marbella centre, when Spanish children traditionally receive gifts and the Three Kings and their helpers hand out sweets

If you would like to spend more time in Marbella and are looking for a fine Marbella apartment or villa, please contact Altavista Property. We are the proven new property specialist in this region.


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