From Start To Finish: We Can Help You Buy A Marbella Home


For many people the prospect of buying a home in Spain is a beguiling one, but at the same time for some it can be a little daunting too.

This is especially the case for those based in another country looking for a holiday property or somewhere to retire to. Not speaking the language is just the first of their problems—most have little idea of the legal formalities involved and a sometimes hazy knowledge of the best areas to suit them.

This is where Altavista Properties come in—we can provide a tailored solution to all your needs when buying a villa, apartment or townhouse in Marbella or on the Costa del Sol.

In fact, we offer a Personal Finder’s Service aimed at clients seeking a luxury property. Those searching in this sector of the market often do not have the time to visit Marbella to preselect particular areas in person, so we listen to their needs and, using our local market knowledge, draw up a shortlist of suitable real estate. It goes far beyond simply looking through our existing portfolio and entails a true finders’ function, making use of our extensive network of contacts to source the ideal property, including rural estates, land and commercial premises. Complementing this is our special AV Trips service, where we can arrange viewings for overseas customers, as explained in a recent blog.

Guiding you through the Spanish purchasing process


Once you have decided on the home you would like to buy we can help you through the whole purchasing process—although we would always advise that you use the services of a qualified and competent lawyer/adviser to oversee the proceedings. We can help here too, and can recommend legal firms with a proven track record for integrity, reliability and efficiency—although you are of course free to choose any company you wish.

Should you prefer to buy off-plan, as the leading Costa del Sol specialists in marketing new developments we can help source a suitable property and guide you through the entire process from first step to final closure. We also recognise that securing a mortgage has in recent years been difficult and although this situation is easing now, banks remain very strict in terms of conditions and requirements. As officially accredited brokers we can use our contacts with financial institutions to help you raise 100% finance on a selection of exciting new developments.

Once you have bought a property our services do not come to an end. We can recommend reputable companies to provide furnishing packs, as well as point you in the direction of tradesmen, gardeners and builders. Indeed, we are able to manage any renovation and interior design project for you too—just ask us and we’ll inform you of all the specific services we provide.

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6 Advantages of Buying a Marbella Property Off-Plan  

screenshootThe concept of buying a property off-plan is increasingly popular in Marbella—so much so that local real estate professionals have identified that more projects are needed to meet the high demand for new build homes.

As the leading company in Marbella for marketing new developments, Altavista Property is very much aware of this trend—our selection of off-plan projects attracts a lot of attention from prospective purchasers seeking a new home, so we thought it would be appropriate to take a closer look at the advantages of buying a property before it has even been completed…

  1. Best choice. The earlier you buy the better the choice of apartments you have. Different people have different preferences, from sea views to poolside, garden apartments to penthouses. Buying off-plan allows them to reserve the best property to suit their requirements. Waiting until construction is completed could mean leaving it too late for a first choice.


  1. Financial benefits. Construction companies often sell first phase properties at a discount for a variety of reasons. Chief amongst them is to help with financing—banks are more likely to provide construction funds if apartments are already sold. Developers are happy to offer a lower price initially to encourage sales—and the buyer benefits.


  1. Capital growth without committing your capital. With a lead-in time of around nine to 18 months and staged payments, buyers can benefit from growth in the market before they have paid the full price. While we would always advise buyers to have financing in place from day one, it also allows them to save up for a bigger deposit when the final payment is due—thus saving on mortgage costs over the longer term.


  1. Fixed price. By getting in early you lock in the price. This can provide considerable savings over second and third phases, which often command a premium as a project sells and its desirability builds momentum.


  1. Have a say in the final look. Some developments allow purchasers to have their input in décor and even floorplans in the case of villas.


  1. It’s new. Having bought off-plan owners know there will be no maintenance issues for several years. New properties also command higher rents due to their high desirability.

Altavista Properties has a selection of quality developments with off-plan sales available. Please contact us for more information.

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Foreign Sector Leading Marbella Real Estate Market On An Upward Trend

La Montesa de Marbella swimming-pool- 17Demand for property from non-resident foreigners is leading the Spanish property market on its upward trend.


Data from the General Council of Notaries shows that in 2015 non-resident foreigners bought 60% more homes in Spain than in pre-crisis 2007—an impressive upsurge particularly when considering that such sales had fallen 50% by 2009.


As a percentage of the total market, foreigners accounted for 12.9% of sales, but looking at the different regions it is evident that they are more important to the real estate sector in coastal hotspots.


For instance, in Andalucía foreigners bought 25% of all homes. Provincial figures are not available but it can be assumed that the vast majority of those would have been in resort towns such as Marbella rather than populous inland cities such as Sevilla, Córdoba and Granada.


The region with the biggest proportion of sales to non-nationals (44%) was the Balearics, followed by the Canaries (39%) and Valencia (37%). The British were the biggest group by nationality, accounting for 21% of sales to foreigners nationally—a figure that rises to 36.1% in Andalucía.


High quality property in Marbella


The second most important nationality to the Andalusian holiday home market in 2015 were Swedes (11%), confirming the trend we have seen in Marbella where the Scandinavian countries in general have been particularly important to the real estate market. Their focus on high quality property—often bought off-plan—has brought them to the resort town as it meets the exacting criteria they demand. In common with British purchasers they are seeking a second home in the sun near the sea and with a high standard of infrastructure, including good restaurants and bars plus tourism facilities of the highest order.


They are willing to pay for it too, with non-resident foreigners spending an average 5.6% more per m2 than in 2014. Even so, their budgets are still 20% below the 2007 peak.


Overall, the French (9%) were the second largest group when it came to buying second homes in Spain—they unsurprisingly dominated the market in regions bordering France—followed by Germans (7.5%), Belgians (6%) and Italians (5.5%).


This level of sales to non-nationals has long since passed the status of being simply a ‘recovery’ and should be viewed as a welcome sustained trend, with steady rises being made each year. Should you wish to join the second home owners on the Costa del Sol and in Marbella, please contact us for a consultation. We have a fine selection of villas and apartments for sale in the region.

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