Gardening on the Costa del Sol

One thing that is immediately striking when you arrive on the Costa del Sol is the sheer amount of joyous colours in flowering plants! From the abundant Oleanders that crowd the central reservations of the motorway to the Jacarandas colouring … Continue reading

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Lower Pound Creates Greater Price Flexibility in Marbella

So far most people have focused on the negative effects of the low pound following Brexit, but where the weaker British currency makes holidays and property purchases more expensive for people from the UK, it also produces opportunities for buyers. … Continue reading

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Antonio Banderas to Play Fellow Malagueño Pablo Picasso

The Málaga-born actor announced this week that he is to take on a role dear to his heart – that of fellow Malagueño Pablo Picasso. Antonio Banderas is to star in a dramatisation for the National Geographic channel as part … Continue reading

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