Apple opens its biggest Spanish store yet in Marbella

Apple store Marbella

Apple store Marbella

At this time of year it’s not unusual to see crowds of people milling around Marbella’s huge La Cañada shopping centre, but the sight that greeted uninitiated shoppers on Friday November 23rd must have been quite a shock! The reason for this unprecedented crush was the opening of Apple’s new store, which has a prime location near the main entrance.

The renovation of the store was conducted in the utmost secrecy, but local gossip had blown the cover of the world’s leading creator of glossy technological equipment weeks before.

Apple is one of the world’s most popular brands, so the interest created by its opening came as no surprise, especially when it was announced that the Marbella store was to be the largest in Spain, bigger even than the Madrid and Barcelona branches.

In time-honoured fashion the crowds started queuing outside the doors the night before the opening. The first wave of Apple fanatics set up camp and a friendly atmosphere prevailed along with a distinct buzz of anticipation.

When the doors opened on Friday morning a tsunami of 1,000 customers poured into the store, all eager to say that they had been among the first to enter and claim their prize – a free Apple T-shirt.

The Apple brand is a curious phenomenon, in that it inspires almost religious fervour in its customers. In order to offer the best quality information and advice to these fanatics, the Marbella store offers a Genius Bar to provide customers with top of the range technical support for Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhones and Apple TV.

One of the major attractions for those who braved the crowds on opening day were the discounts: the best were 91€ on Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iMac, while between 35€ to 55€ savings were possible on the iPad2.

Despite the untimely death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s hard won and highly successful brand looks in no danger of losing its lustre.

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